Sureline solutions provide application mobility without constraints. Sureline delivers migration and recovery of any virtual, cloud, physical, or containerized application and server, at the push of a button.

  • Any System; Virtual, Container, Cloud or Physical
  • Automatically Transform to Any Destination
  • Including Migrate from Cloud to On-Prem
  • Fast and Simple Installation
  • Agentless Deployment
  • Ultra-Bandwidth Friendly Data Transfer
  • Automated Transformation without Manual Intervention
  • Scheduled Migration
  • Unattended Migration
  • Easy Scaling to Thousands of Servers
  • Scales to PB of Data
  • Single Connection Between Sites
  • No Firewall Changes or Exposure
  • Duplicated, Compressed and Encrypted Data

"Leveraging the robust SUREedge Migrator product allowed us to provide IRC with a nondisruptive, highly reliable and efficient solution"

Raf Vanelderen, Account Manager, Nutanix

"Sureline’s SUREedge migration solution was incredibly easy-to-use and highly reliable"

Bert Leeman, IRC Engineering NV

"You guys have one of the simplest interfaces I've seen. Everything from deployment to making schedules was easy."

Troy Tolhurst, CEO, Task Networking

"We've created a fully managed, self-healing IT environment with SUREedge® at the core."

Randall Metcalf, CEO, Herosoft

"I was impressed with the Sureline Systems team. They were very confident, efficient and knowledgeable. I was able to get my work done while they were fixing my problems. My servers are healthy now and I spend less time managing them and more time providing service. I'm looking forward to purchasing the Sureline DR software solution as well."

Shane Archibald, IT Administrator, WDI Device

"Sureline's BCDR appliances enable us to provide the type of service and dependability that our customers have come to expect."

Billy Buckley, CEO, ENT Networking

"When a small or medium business goes through hardware failure, they are down 3-4 days. SUREedge® completely erases that problem."

Gary Cooper, Frontier Network

"Sureline has been a pleasure to deal with. Their support staff, and their knowledgeable technical team, have been very helpful. Any technical issues were immediately resolved, with a follow-up contact to make sure things have been resolved."

Stephen Eaton, IT Manger, Shire of Dardanup